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  1. an injury synopsis

    1 fractured arm, 2 seperate concussions, both legs are fractured and likely broken(couldn't tell) and 1 borked rib

    The concussions supposedly may cause me to have minor memory loss but nothing has became foggy yet.

    Everyone else is okay.
    I guess I'll make a weekly blog since I have nothing better to do.
  2. Birthday

    Today is my birthday, so yay and stuff. Casual is best nerd, struckend has best Afro.
  3. 7 days

    johns birthday is soon
    It is July Seventh so
    Give him some gifts please

    No really though My birthday is july 7
    gimme something
    (Should get me CS:GO keys or RP money m8)
    (Don't even call me a nerd update I know you were gonna post it)
    (Shut up fabulous >.<)
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  4. You know what today is?

    It's my birthday. I made my last blog post a year ago, on my birthday.

    So...uh...fucking give me free shit because steam summer sale and because you obviously all like me so much.
  5. Where's the line anymore?

    I've always loved playing games since I was a kid. When I hit 10/11, I've realized gaming is the best thing in the entire world and I should praise whoever made the internet. I didn't know when to stop. On steam in recent game activity i'd have around 140-180 hours every 2 weeks logged, just because it was so fun. I always wondered. I know a lot of older gamers that have quit gaming last year, but I always wondered.
    Where's the line? Where is the point where you've decided that the only reason ...
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